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     Protectyl cleans the environment by employing the untapped refugee workforce and marginalized women to collect and transform plastic into cheap light circular plug-in tiles protecting the world’s 1.4 billion people living in houses with a dirt floor from diseases that affect their health and contribute to the cycle of poverty.


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    PASSAGE is a low-tech solution that uses the Internet of Things to integrate with existing safety oriented ride-sharing apps, to allow school children to order and pay for safe rides to and from school without needing a smartphone

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  • Botanica repellent

    Botanica is a social business that offers natural and affordable mosquito repellent Jelly hence fighting malaria infection. it also keeps the skin smooth and natural. ” We are committed toward malaria free Africa”.


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  • Eco-sustain Energy Solutions

    “ Eco-sustain Energy Solutions” aims to eradicate dependence on wood fuel in Uganda through offering sustainable and energy efficient biomass briquette fuel as alternative to firewood and wood charcoal that present many challenges to many households and communities in Northern Uganda.


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  • NRBA

    We provide education, motivation , and accountability to both kids involved in sports and children just interested in developing healthy lifestlyes. Our programs are tremendously effective and we have gathered over 100 testimonials from current and previous youth extolling the benefits of what we have provided in Nakival Refugee Camps

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  • Msichana

    Msichana Uganda has embarked on an initiative to produce reusable sanitary pads that enable girls and women from low income households to afford to menstruate with dignity. We aspire to reduce school dropouts and teenage pregnancy while employing teenage mothers and young women living with disabilities in the production of the sanitary pads. The initiative also goes a long way in reducing plastic waste disposal hence protecting the environment.

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