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  • AgroRoom

    In my refugee community there is a huge number of girls who drop out of school because their parents don’t meet their basic needs. These young ladies are exposed and […]

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  • Umoja agro-famers (UAGROF)

    In Ugand 39% of refugee farmes face a challenge of low farm produce. We support redugee farmers to increase and improve on farm produce by facilitating them to access enough […]


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    We envision a world where cooking is in harmony with nature. We are targeting low and middle income households in urban areas that are using charcoal as their main source […]

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  • She Inspires

    promote girls empowerment, give a platform to boost their confidence, self-esteem and life skills to contribute to the community development


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  • Loketa Agro-farm

    We add value to available agricultural raw materials like gnats, simsim, soya beans, peanuts, which are eco-friendly and abundant in the rural areas through cooking oil processing animal feeds and […]

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  • Regesoil (Regenerate the soil)

    Farmers across Nakivale struggle with low yields due to unfertile and eroded soil. Many of them believe they can’t grow anything without chemical fertilizer; we demonstrate and enrich the soil […]

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  • Watoto Are Tomorrow

    We are social enterprise that provide refugee children living in Uganda aged 3 to 18 who don’t access school due to language barrier with a fun, engaging, and innovative basic […]

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