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Financial Partnerships

Our funders are a key part of fulfilling our mission. We strive to build mutually beneficial and mission driven partnerships with them all.

Social Impact Award is one of the largest communities of early-stage social innovators around the world. As an independent global organization set-up as a social venture with NGO status, we collaborate with a broad variety of stakeholders such as foundations, public institutions, and corporations that share our vision of a world where young people realize their potential as agents of change.

Partnership Types

All of our partnerships are co-created based on a common mission and shared interests. We work with two types of partnership models:

  • One-time partnerships: you fund a specific service once without co-creation or support for its implementation.
  • Long-term: you have a strong interest in co-creating a specific service based on your objectives. You engage your network and pool of expertise before, during, and after the implementation of the service. You want to become part of our long-term journey to enable and assess the impact of the partnership.

The value of partnering with us depends on what kind of actor you are and where your focus lies. We can create partnerships with several value propositions around all four of our impact fields:

  • Awareness: Engage with our community and showcase your brand as truly purpose-driven and active in tackling the most pressing issues of our time.
  • Education: Equip current high-potentials with future skills that are not only needed in building successful social enterprises, but also key to further innovation in all sectors of society.
  • Support: Turn the most innovative ideas together with us into successful social enterprises with proven systemic and lasting impact.
  • Community: Build supportive ecosystems for social entrepreneurs around the world by bringing your specific expertise and passion into our network of intermediary organizations, early-stage innovations, and successful alumni ventures.

Impact Data

  • Global community
    30.000+ Young people that built their social venture since the launch of the SIA incubation in 2015
  • Ecosystem building
    1.000+ Organizations that have partnered with SIA around the world
  • International reach
    18 Countries that hosted last year’s edition of SIA

Our Impact

Since 2009, SIA has impacted thousands of young agents of change in more than 25 countries.

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