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Build Your Venture

Kick-start your journey as a social entrepreneur at our incubation. The journey will give you all the resources you need to turn your idea into a successful venture.

Our incubation is an individualized experience which gives you the support needed to build a successful venture. The most promising ventures of the incubation take home the Social Impact Award, and the experience provides all finalists with the skills and knowledge necessary to move forward in their social entrepreneurship journey.

The incubation provides participants with the following benefits:

  • Individualized support: experts and mentors provide guidance to finalize and prototype your business and impact models, every step of the way.
  • Meaningful connections: you are part of a cohort of like-minded youth with whom you can build lasting relationships and exchange ideas.
  • Global exposure: you can generate first followers and gain exposure with Community Voting, a yearly campaign where thousands of people vote for their favorite ventures.
  • Key resources: The most promising ventures take home one of our awards, which include funding, recognition, and a ticket to our annual SIA Summit. You could also gain access to additional perks that include a co-working space, unique opportunities from partners, and more.

Incubation Timeline

  1. Bootcamps

    A short and intensive training course.

  2. Individualized mentorship

    Finalists get a mentor that gives specialized support based on their needs.

  3. Cohort gatherings

    Meetings/sessions dedicated to building connections among finalists. Finalists can share professional and personal challenges, give and take peer-to-peer support, and learn together how to foster sustainable leadership practices.

  4. International webinars

    Online sessions for the finalists of all countries focused on skill-building, international networking, and more.

Alumni Experiences

  • SIA proved to the world that RideUp was worth mentorship and investment. Without SIA, we would still be just an idea.

    Finalist Caroline Oluka CEO RideUp
  • SIA has been a breakthrough for our venture, giving us the necessary visibility to succeed. Attending the SIA Summit was my first time traveling outside of Uganda!

    Winner Barbra Nantongo Co-Founder & CEO SMART KITCHEN SOLUTIONS

The Award

The incubation ends with the Award ceremony. Winners of the Social Impact Award are granted pre-seed funding to help cover their venture’s initial costs. Our award also gives founders exposure both nationally and internationally, while serving as proof of reliability to potential funding partners. Winners of the award also come together at our yearly Summit to celebrate the end of the program and the start of their journey.

Win our Award

Our award is internationally recognized and presents a set of unique benefits.

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