• Fast Emergency Response System


    The Fast Emergency Response System (FERS) is a mobile phone artificial intelligence(AI) powered software that enables real-time matching of ambulances to patients in Uganda. This platform will increase access to fast, safe and affordable transportation in emergency situations, saving up to 300,000 lives lost due to lack of access to emergency services each year. It will be accessible on mobile devices on IOS and android platforms by both patients (public) and health workers/ centres. The overall research goal of this system is to create technology that allows mobile phones to function in an intelligent manner.

    The AI-endowed mobile application will have a call on alert button which is a one-time offline button that can grant access to location of the user by the emergency service providers. These will in a short time dispatch an ambulance to the area that has been mapped for help. The application will also have speech recognition for people who cannot talk during emergency conditions. The application will use artificial intelligence to grade the patient and inform emergency service providers what items to carry and how long they need to reach the area to save the patient. The application upon rescue of the patient, will monitor, and follow-up the patient with his/her records being fed in by the health professionals for real life time management and to avoid future incidences.